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About Us

Small Bears is a private in-home Daycare with preschool and toddler program that is affiliated with the Association of Wellesley Family Childcare Providers (AWFCP). It is licensed by the Massachusetts Office of Early Education and Care (EEC). Small Bears educational philosophy combines High Scope and Montessori approaches to early childhood education.

The five central principals of High Scope educational theory, which are:

1. Active learning - children learn by doing

2. Supportive adult-child interactions

3. Materials-rich learning environment

4. Consistent daily routine

5. Ongoing assessment  

The Montessori approach has many similarities to High Scope but stresses multiage groupings and emphasizes child-directed activities that encourage natural learning. The Montessori teacher’s role is to provide a well-organized material-rich environment that stimulates a natural curiosity for the child to explore the classroom and interact with the materials. At Small Bears that is what we try to achieve. At all times teachers use developmentally appropriate practices that are associated with both High Scope and Montessori approaches to early childhood education and care. The educational emphasis at Small Bears is on art and literacy but does not neglect to consider the child as a whole. Each learning domain is addressed and assessments are ongoing to be sure that each child is receiving an individual education plan based on their personal strengths and needs.     


35 Standish Circle

Wellesley, MA 02481


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